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Activating a VPN on your iPhone

There are two ways to configure the use of these technologies on your iPhone. The first step is to select the most appropriate app from the App Store and install it. Then perform the following actions:

Visit the settings section.

Open the VPN tab and activate it with the slider.

Then select the installed service.

The second option is to configure the VPN manually. To do this, you need to perform the following manipulations:

Go to the settings section of your device, activate the VPN and click on the "add configuration" icon.

Then select the security type: L2TP, IPSec, or IKEv2 and activate the required configuration.

After that, you should fill in information about the private network settings: description of the remote ID, server, and fill in the information required for registration-nickname, password.

If you have a proxy server, you should choose whether to use it automatically or manually based on your preferences.

By clicking the "Done" button and switching the state slider to the desired position, you can start surfing the Internet.

Now all traffic from the iPhone will pass through a VPN.

Configuring a VPN on Android

It is much easier to connect the selected VPN service here.:

Activate the "Settings" section, where in the "Wireless networks" line click on the label: "Advanced".

After that, after opening the " VPN " subsection and clicking on the + sign, you will be provided with data about the available protocols for connecting such services.

After selecting and saving the necessary connection, you will only need to enter the necessary credentials: username and password.

Of course, the settings of different smartphones may differ, but the main actions are very similar.