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Hey guys. Forum up, yay!

I don't expect this to be popular or anything, but please use the forums rather than the comments sections on my main page, if you can.

Here's some rules, since every forum pretty much has them.

1) Make sure to always post new topics in the appropriate places. This is to keep this place nice and tidy.
2) Please don't abuse or harass other users (this rule should come naturally).
3) No racism or anything inappropriate - Except for in the Off Topic section, but I'd still prefer it if you didn't.
4) No off topic posts or content anywhere except for the off topic sections. (I'm not too strict about this rule).
5) Please check the FAQ before reporting a problem.
6) All problems need to be reported in the Bug's and Fixes section. None on the main page or in the comments.
7) Anything posted in the SOLVED section of the Bug's and Fixes section I will not reply to. Unless it's a claim that a post has not been fixed yet and shouldn't be there.
8) Don't post on the front page of the forums for any reason.
9) Don't ask to be a moderator or admin on this forum, it's simply too small to need one. I will consider them if this forum ever gets too popular to manage.