White Day:A Labyrinth of Misses for a great game.

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White Day:A Labyrinth of Misses for a great game.

Third time i try to push myself through this what could have been a master piece and third time I alt + F4 out of rage of annoyence, cheapness and repetative mechanics.Yes I am talking about your so loved White Day.
What looks at first as a unique game that dodged under the radar of horror games and was in obscurity for long turn out that there is a reason why this game did not see much popularity, ''it doesn't deserve it'' Here is why:

1.Janitors are not scary or a threat, thy are annoying as hell.Their slow and without a puprose wondering around forces me to hide myself from some bolding old fart, eventually getting spotted cause of getting tired and rushing things.Seriously? Janitors? WHo is scared of janitors?

2.Hard mode. Ghost here , ghost there , GHOST EVERYWHERE.Ok at first ghosts are scary as hell , their screech and suspensive noises and even sometimes interacting with objects such as doors can really have a nice chilling effect but it gets old.Not to mention on higher difficulty that spawns a ghost in EVERY ROOM...EVERY...even in a metter by metter closet.COME ON!!!

3.I was willing to forgive the two points above even that they are game breaking on their own but this one was the end of all.TIME LIMIT??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THERE IS A TIME LIMIT???? Seriously? (i am going all full metal rage on this) WHY THE FUCK is there a time limit?
''ohh you wanted to explore and find secrets , find all the ghost girl story noties well FUUUUUU CKKKK YOUUUUUUU , you have time limit....oh oh guess what...your time limit is ....ghghehheheheh....2 hours.Happy content hunting asshole''
TIME LIMIT in a HORROR GAME............IS IRRELATIVE, CHEAP and just doesn't FIT.

All I see, as my girlfriend will say ''a smart ideas done wrong''
This game could stand out of all other horror games as being chilling and really scary but it misses with a mile cause of these 3 points.
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Re: White Day:A Labyrinth of Misses for a great game.

Sorry you didn't like it. I don't love White Day, but I enjoyed it myself.

It seems most people, including myself, didn't feel quite as much rage as you're showing us, haha... Most find the Janitor annoying eventually, especially in the New Building. For most, he's scary only up until the end of Chapter 2.

The time limit is another huge bore for higher difficulty modes, but it does notify you (at least, it should notify you) about the time limit after you select the game mode. Normal mode does not have a time limit. The only modes with a time limit are Hard and Real, and since you are told, I don't see this as much of a game killer. But don't get me wrong, I never play Hard and Real modes and probably never will either; they are pretty broken. Stick to Normal and below.

IMO, I think it should be given some slack - But eh, we all have opinions here. There's a lot in the game that I also thought could have been A LOT better, and I don't think it's a 'masterpiece' either. If I could I would change a lot in this game, but there's only so much I can change without any tools from the actual developers.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)